ChatGPT and DT3 Scripting

ChatGPT is intriguing. Not only can it write prose but it can also write basic code.

It can even write Devonthink scripts!

You can set up a free account and play here:

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ChatGPT can only mix existent stuff. Don’t ask something original or not in its databases that then won’t answer well. As a sample I did some tests with money return combinations and it answered wrong to questions like “you have 5 coins of 1 cent, 5 of 10 cents, … then how do you will pay 12.33?” and it miserably failed to answer right, and even worse: if you trick it to try to pay, say 1.66 with no 1 cent coins, it crashed and restarted itself in half answer (you can pay, but pay first 1.60 and then 3 of 2 cents and not 1 of 5 cents and get a remainder of 1 cent non-payable).


I agree it is not sentient and creating novel ideas.

Still - even if it is just pulling examples from its database, arguably it is more useful at least in basic situations than even Stackoverflow.

As for your money examples, it does seem to have some accuracy issues there which is interesting for such simple questions.

Interestingly it is able to produce code with a better algorithm than it uses itself to calculate change:

See Human help needed! Script to create a list of file names in a group into a new markdown file - #2 by cgrunenberg

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