Check if a record is opened?

Need some AppleScript advice, I have a script that creates/add to a record and then open it in a window. Currently the script open a new window each time it’s called, I would like to check if the record is already open and if that is the case just bring the window to front. In other words, this

open tab for record myRecord

should probably look something like this

if the_window_for_myrecord_is_open then
    bring the window to front
    open tab for record myRecord

but how do I do this??

on create_entry(theYear, theMonthNum, theDay, shortWeekday, theTime, theHeadline, notetext)
	tell application id "DNtp"
			set jsr to (open database "xxx.dtBase2")
			set myGroup to create location "/_qqqq/" & "/" & theYear & "/" & theMonthNum in jsr
			set recordName to theYear & "-" & theMonthNum & "-" & theDay & " " & shortWeekday
			set myRecords to children of myGroup whose name is recordName and type is markdown
			if ((count of myRecords) is 0) then -- Create the document from scratch
				set theContent to "# " & return & return
				set myRecord to create record with {name:recordName, content:theContent, type:markdown} in myGroup
				set myRecord to item 1 of myRecords
			end if
			set theContent to plain text of myRecord
			set plain text of myRecord to theContent & return & return & "---" & return & return & "## " & theTime & return & notetext
			open tab for record myRecord
		on error errMsg number errNum
			display alert (localized string "An error occured when adding the document.") & space & errMsg
		end try
	end tell
end create_entry

Use window instead of tab:

open window for record myRecord

That was easy! Thanks. I’ve stolen this script from some place that I don’t remember anymore.

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