Checkbox woes

I have a master group of checkbox items (in plain english “To Dos”). This master group has “Show state” set to ON, so the checkbox shows. Now, inside that folder, I have sub folders in the same way. And in them there are the actual to do items.

If, by accident, I check the master folder’s checkbox, then ALL including items are checked. I did this today and I thought, “oh well i just uncheck it again”. But oops, again ALL including items are now unchecked. In other words I lost track of my checked items - which are now unchecked. :angry:

So… is there a way to kinda automatically let the checked items disappear from the folder ? Like automatically placing them into a “Done” department when they are checked?

So (a) my list would stay clean (like on a PDA’s to do list where you can hide checked items) and (b) I’d be safe from those incidents as described above.

Anybody ever had the same mishap ?


You could make a smart group script that would do that. That might be the easiest way. I’d do it if I weren’t busy :wink: