Checking for broken links in a database


I would like to figure out an automated process for tracking down all broken hyperlinks in my DevonThink database—including links to imported files, indexed files, ideally even to specific pages to PDF files.

Is this possible? I am not very happy with the very frugal warnings/error message of DT with regard to missing files/broken links.

(For example, syncing a folder that has been renamed in the Finder yields no reaction whatsoever, not even a warning in the journal. Why?)


No one, please? I would expect this to be a self-evident feature: what kind of hypertext system does not bother to warn its user about broken links, even after such a link is selected? How am I supposed to preemptively check the integrity of my knowledge base if no such facility is provided? Should I just try to follow all links manually?

May I suggest that DevonThink automatically indicate all broken links with a color highlight (e.g. blinking red) or a little icon (as is currently the case for duplicates and replicants)?

Thank you.