checking for updates does not work in DTPO

For several versions now, my DevonThink Pro Office has not been able to successfully check for updates. (Currently running 2.9.13.) This is true for:

  1. The automatic check at startup (I verified preference setting),
  2. The manual “Check Now” button in Preferences, and
  3. The manual “Check for Updates” application menu option.

All methods fail to detect a new version even though I know one is available (via the email newsletters or the Downloads page).

Furthermore, this is true even though the “Last Check” timestamp in Preferences shows today’s date and a recent time.

Also, the manual methods are not producing any visible indication that the check is actually occurring. There is no in progress indicator or dialog indicating whether or not an update is available or I am running the most recent version.


Do you use Little Snitch or any other software that might block network traffic? Or do you use HTTP proxies?

Hi Christian,

First, thanks for your reply. Second, just as with taking the car into the mechanic and not being able to reproduce the problem, it seems that checking for updates is working just fine today! So thank you for your magic touch. :wink:

For reference, I have run Little Snitch in the past, but no longer have it installed on this laptop. I’m not aware of anything else installed that should be blocking a network port or traffic, but perhaps I had a conflict with another installed program. To be thorough, I verified that the built-in firewall was set to allow DTPO’s incoming connections, and I also removed several entries related to programs that are no longer installed.

If I do encounter the issue again, I will be back in touch for deeper troubleshooting.

Best regards,