Checkmarks or Completed Items

Does DT3 offer the ability to add checkmarks or somehow mark completed items? It looks like a star rating system was added, but I was hoping for something to easily check off items that are complete.

It also shows custom meta data has been added. Could this be used for that purpose?

Yes. Go into Preferences > Data and define a Boolean attribute.

PS: This is covered in the documentation, which is also part of the beta testing.

Or just flag/unflag items. There are also labels. And tags :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! The boolean attribute should work. I use the flags and labels in other ways for differentiation.

The new interface looks great!

And colored Tags can be used if you’re using Modern or Dots in Preferences > General > Labels :wink:

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Just FYI I was finally able to download DT3 (waited for syncing) and got to try the boolean attribute. It works great! Easily solved my workflow.

I can’t wait to try out other custom meta data.

Nice job