Children of non-groups

There is a feature that Mori has that I miss dearly in DTP (and I’ve been using DTP in preference to Mori for two years now): The ability to have children of non-groups.

For example, I want to create a note in my “Server” group that I did something on my web server. Then – and not in the note itself – I want to have two children whose titles name the files that I changed. Or, a set of children with checkboxes enabled that represent “todo” items directly relating to that note. Or, a set of todo items beneath a todo items, that show what has to be done before the parent todo item can be considered “complete”.

This child items would be regular items, not groups. They would only show up in the child view when it’s a list – in the icon view they would appear as normal, ungrouped entries. And, I would be able to use TAB to tuck a new note under the previous one, and Shift-TAB to shift it back out, as in Mori.

And while I’m dreaming, how about a Preferences items that will make RETURN create a new item of the same kind as the one I’m currently editing (whether group or note), instead of always having to press Cmd-N and Shift-Cmd-N. :slight_smile: