Chinese localization


  1. I’d like to translate DEVONthink Pro Office into Chinese. Could I start right now or do I need to ask for permission?

  2. I’ve found the language project files (English.lproj) in these locations, are they all what I should deal with?



/PlugIns/Sync Agent


  1. I’m not sure about .nib files. I can convert it to .xib files, but I’ve no idea how to convert it back.

Any suggestions or ideas would be great, thanks!

Right now there are no plans to add additional localizations, it’s a huge amount of work and the translation is just the beginning. However, we’ll consider this for the future. You could translate it of course for your own personal use but it’s not permitted to distribute patched versions of DEVONthink.

Localizing the .strings files of all English.lproj subfolders is almost sufficient but it’s not possible to localize the Sorter, the Sync or the web interface that way.