Chrome bookmarklet/extension!

That would be lovely indeed!


Well, the good news is that the bookmarklet already works in Chrome. (I couldn’t get Chrome to let me drag the bookmarklet link directly to the bookmarks bar, but your mileage may vary. In my case I just copied the link to a new bookmark, which was a bit of a pain to do, but at least it worked.)

The better news is that I’ve got tentative plans to work on a Chrome version of the extension when some of my other projects are out of the way :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Look forward to it Rob. :slight_smile:


Look forward to it Rob. :slight_smile:

tried to drag a url from chrome to the sorter: … *** -[NSDistantObject methodSignatureForSelector:]: remote object does not recognize selector: ‘synchronizeInboxWithPathCmd:’

Please ensure that the Sorter you’re running is up to date and that there’s only one instance of DEVONthink on your computer.

Rob, I don’t quite understand what you did here, sorry. What link did you copy to a new bookmark? When I copy one of the bookmarklets from my Extras folder into a Chrome location window, it tells me it needs to launch DevonThink (which is already open), and then sits there. What am I doing wrong?


Rob, Hope that you can make time for this extension. The bookmarklet is great. I use XMarks. So, the bookmarklet just copied right over for me. A full blown extension would be superb!

Judi Smith

The Clip to DEVONthink Bookmarklet link here:

Also looking forward to a proper Chrome extension! thanks!

Hi guys, I’ve found this thread this morning and worked out how to do it, if anyone is still wondering:

  1. Create a random new bookmark in Chrome, like;
  2. Edit the bookmark: call it ‘devonthink’ and change the link to the link below;
  3. Put your new bookmark in your bookmarks bar so you can just click on it.
  4. When you click on it, it will then open up the devonthink options depending what’s set in your preferences option.

This is the code you put in the URL field in the bookmark:


I would love to see a quick ‘rich text’ capture option too, but hope this helps for now.

I alreay tried this method on my chrome, but DT could not any object (rich text, web archieve, pdf… all of types) on its inbox.
I got a error message on Javascript Console of chrome (Tools > javscript Console…).

GET x-devonthink://createPDF?title=Download%20%3A%20Extras& undefined (undefined)

You can also see the attached img. ‘devonthink_err.png’
Could you check for this situation ? Server side issue or Chrome Issue ?

Hi kkanshik,

Sorry, I’m not at all a code guy, I just do a bit of fumbling copy & paste until it works.

The solution I posted seems to work for me, although I’ve discovered today that for some unknown reason it won’t grab some pages at all, which is frustrating.

When will Devon come out with a proper Chrome clipping extension?

Just a heads up: I’ve got the majority of the Chrome extension done as of this morning. I’m just working on shortcut handling with it.

It should be released fairly soon as part of an upcoming minor DEVONthink update.

WoW !!! I’m really waiting it for a long time. Thanks for good news

Will this extension be similar to the evernote extension, where you can clip part of a page, pictures and hyperlinks, etc included? Thanks!

It’s been released! :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with the Evernote extension, but you can clip whole web pages and (modulo a bug which I am fixing for the next Clip to DEVONthink version) the selected text will be included in the Comments field.

i installed it but have no idea how to use it.
i set it up with “shift + option + c” but nothing happens when i press those keys…

Actually, Command- and Shift-Command- are the prefix choices for the extension shortcuts. Here, I had to disable/enable the shortcut before Shift-Command-c would work.

i disabled/enabled it, saved it again, changed it. but nothing happens.
i changed it to “Shift + c”. what should i press now and what should actually happen?


It’s ⌃⇧C in Chrome by default, if I recall correctly, because Chrome doesn’t let us use the ⌘ key (maddeningly). It just doesn’t let it get as far as the extension.

There should also be a button in the toolbar—if there’s not, you might be able to get it back in there via the chrome://extensions/ page in Chrome.