Chrome Extension does not install

Again with version 2.2. I have the problem that the Chrome Extension doesn’t install. I confirm the download at the bottom and then the file appears there, but nothing further happens, while Chrome says “File will be opened in 0 seconds…”.

I extracted the extension from version 2.1.1, which installs fine.

Which version of Chrome do you use?

Version 12.0.742.122

Just to check, are you installing the Chrome extension via DEVONthink’s install window when the new version is first launched? (That’s the same window that you can get to from the DEVONthink > Install Add-ons… menu item.)

Yes, via the install window.

It also doesn’t work to get the extension from the package content and to install it manually.

That’s very strange. I’ve just updated Chrome to the latest (12.whatever) and it’s working fine here. I drag the .crx from the Finder to Chrome’s window, and it asks me to continue at the bottom of the window; I click continue and it asks me whether I want to install; I tell it I do and it installs and works as expected.

Is that how you’re installing it when you try to do so manually? When you look at chrome://extensions in Chrome, does it list Clip to DEVONthink 1.2.1 at all?

The automatic install seems to take place in the same manner for me: after telling DEVONthink to install it, Chrome pops up the confirmation box at the bottom of the window; from there it’s the same as the manual install.

Seems my Chrome user profile was corrupt (actually on two Macs). After I created a new one, the extension installed without a problem. Hope this helps other users in case the problem occurs.

Google help page: … wer=142059