Chrome extension not working

After a reinstall, my Chrome extension for DevonThink does not work. My screen refreshes, then I am sent to the DevonThink Browser Extension Page where it appears that an attempt to reload the extension is performed. Then… nothing.

I can usually right click on the dock icon to get the same results, but that hasn’t always worked either.

I’ve reinstalled DT (ver 2.9.15), updated Chrome to current version (61.0.3163.79) , and MacOS is current as well(Sierra 10.12.6).

Any suggestions?

Thank you

A reinstall of what?

A clean reinstall of Sierra on my Mac Mini. Something was constantly accessing my hard drive and it was driving me crazy, so I decided to start fresh. The hard drive problem has disappeared. DT reinstalled without problem. It is just the Chrome extension that seem to be malfunctioning.