Chronology Template

Does anybody know of, or have the skills, to script a template that allows a chronology to be generated that allows 1. date on the face of the document 2. author 3. perhaps a couple of other info fields and THEN allows an internal link to a pdf stored within Devonthink.

The chronology date field would need to be able to sort itself in terms of date order - like Word can do. Otherwise all documents need to be pre-sorted chronologically and this requires paper copies etc which defeats the whole purpose of working electronically.

I’m a lawyer and would love to be able to generate chronologies of relevant documentary evidence with an automatic link through to the scanned document inside Devonthink.

David: did you ever get a response to your inquiry regarding creating a chronology. I am a lawyer also and am hoping this can be done as chronologies are essential in trial practice. This was not a problem in Casemap. I can see a list of documents in a Group I created for this purpose but it would nice to have a text field that shows the content of a note. The other issue is how to print out a chronology which I can’t quite figure out.

From what I’m seeing, CaseMap is table-based. This is a VERY different thing than what DEVONthink is doing.

You can use the Spotlight Comment, available as a column or in the Info pane for a record, to add a note on the file.

You can print a listing of selected files but you’d have to add / expand them columns you want to include. Something for us to think about though.

@john maassen recently laid out a use case here that is different but might be relevant.