ChronoSync "Merge" packages

I’ve recently moved to using Chronosync to sync my DEVONthink databases between my desktop and laptop (using an encrypted thumb drive).

Before doing so I read a number of threads here discussing the pros and cons of the “Dissect packages” option. I had planned to not dissect since USB 3.0 thumb drives are quite fast and moving the entire database(s) doesn’t take terribly long.

Then I ran into the new (as of version 4.6.1) “Merge” option. I’m testing with the new option (too early to know how well it works). Would be interested to know if anyone else has tried it.

Details are here: … ndrum.html

If you value your data, you should not let any application modify the contents of a .dtBase2 package in any way, except for DEVONthink.

IMO, it doesn’t matter what EconTechnologies says about their product – it wasn’t built specifically to support DEVONthink so why take the risk?

I didn’t read anything in Econ’s description of Merge Packages that would give me 100% assurance that my data are safe with that feature. And, when-if it goes wrong and mangles your data – who will support you and walk you thru the fix? If there is a fix.

Thanks korm, I appreciate the input. Like you, I’m inclined to just have Chronosync copy the entire package each time, especially considering the speed of newer thumb drives. I find it encouraging that they are working on the problem, though.