Circus Ponies Notebook Exports

Perhaps I should be asking this question on the Circus Ponies Notebook boards, but I know some people here use it CPN in combination with DT, so I thought I’d ask here first.

When i import a CPN generated HTML website to DT, the outline controls (small blue rectangles) don’t work, whereas they do if i open the same page directly in Safari. I thought the webkit was the same in DT and Safari, so why the different behaviour? and is there  a way to fix it?

I’m in the process of moving lots of notes into DT from various applications, (using HTML-since DT doesn’t display OPML or XML without codes) and I was hoping this workaround would allow me to approximate real outlining in DT.

But it doesn’t work. Sigh.

Any ideas?

eiron, you are correct. The cell controls to expand/collapse cells don’t work in HTML notebooks created by Circus Ponies NoteBook (or, for that matter, those created by NoteTaker, which fare even worse in DEVONthink’s WebKit browser).

I hadn’t noticed this, because I generally don’t show cell controls in my Web notebooks (except, of course, for Content page cell controls, which do work in DT).

However, I checked that the same Web notebooks do function properly under the WebKit browser in DEVONagent. That bodes well for improved browsing in DEVONthink.

Christian, how about it? Would it be simple to improve DT’s WebKit behavior in a future update?

Meanwhile, eiron, you can continue to import your Web notebooks into DT. For the moment, control-cllck on the item name and either open it in Safari or (if you have it) in DEVONagent.

By the way, there’s another reason I don’t set up Web notebooks with collapsed cells. Neither DEVONthink nor Safari’s Find can find text content of collapsed cells.

I thought I could get around this by expanding all notes, exporting to HTML, importing to DT and then collapsing, if desired.

I hope Christian finds a way to improve this, or to make OPML work directly in DT. I think DT has come a very long way, but if it had real outlining, it would become the only program I used for notetaking, research and writing.

In any case, thanks a lot Bill.

You’ve given your usual thoughtful, thorough answer. Add one more name to the list of people who think DT (and CPN for that matter) should be paying you for your support efforts.

Hey, I think that’s a great idea!

Christian, I’ll settle for a 17" G5 PowerBook with 4 GB RAM and a 160 GB HD. ;D

Probably those outline controls require JavaScript and scripts are disabled in DEVONthink (contrary to DEVONagent) because otherwise scripts could move, resize or close DT’s windows. But an option to enable scripts will be added to the next released (turned off by default of course).