Citation managment Question

Alright, I’ve looked but I think I just don’t quite understand database management software yet. I need to snag clips of text to dT direct from web and pdf sources that are automatically tagged and organized with author, work and page # info. Is there a script for this?

I want to use dT for managing a database of quotes, like a bibliographical tool, with individual quotes that are index-able with devon’s AI and search functions. So when writing, if I’m thinking about a specific problem I can boolean search it or pull a ‘see also’ on something that sparked it. Is this possible? Just cracked into the demo in the last few days, and I know the learning curve is a trick, but I would like to know if this is possible or not before I get too deep.

Thanks in advance,

To automatically collect bibliographic meta data for citations I recommend Zotero ( It can automatically collect author, title, year, abstract and much more together with the content (e.g. pdf files) from web pages. I think it’s fantastic, saved me a lot of work.

There is also a script to import Zotero entries into DT. I have yet to look into this, though:

Thank you for the reply alexo, I indeed use zotero occasionally to collect metadata, and append it to pdfs, however, while reading those pdfs I would like to find a way to highlight a selection of text and import it into devonthink with the metadata already attached and a page # citation if possible.

In this manner I would be able to easily assemble those 50-200 word snippets in a database where each one is easily referenced, search-able and accessible to devon’s AI functions. Over time I would then have a database of article ready textual quotations for devonthink to work with.

Any ideas on the best ways to pull this off? I’m sure I could start a new annotation for each note, then hand-copy the metadata and page citation but that is not any more efficient in the short term (actually less so) than my current blank-document-in-word process.

I know there has to be an easy way to do this, I just can’t figure it out…