CKErrorDomain 36

I receive this message repeatedly in Devonthink version 3.8.3 log:

Account temporarily unavailable due to bad or missing auth token CKErrorDomain 36

But have no idea which account this references, nor can I find any information on CKErrorDomain 36. Is there a document or link that explains these codes? And is there a way to identify which account this message references? And if not, can that be added as a feature for more effective troubleshooting?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. As far as I know, those messages are generally related to and generated by sync; and based on the number of reports in recent times, I’m going to guess you are using iCloud (CloudKit or Legacy)? Apple have been having trouble with iCloud recently (define recently as you please…); it’s likely you can ignore the messages for now and wait to see whether they stop occurring over the next day or two. Be aware that your devices may not be synced. Use Bonjour as an adjunct sync method if required.

(Thinking about this some more, CK probably even means CloudKit, and the message probably is provided to DT directly by CloudKit)

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Thank you Blanc for the hint. I went into the Apple iCloud account in Mac settings and apparently I needed to resubmit my password for iCloud. It had not been connecting for the last couple of days. I’m guessing error 36 means “resubmit your password to connect your iCloud account.” I’m no longer receiving the error.


Great, thanks for the feedback :hugs:

That’s right.

The next release will improve the error message in this case.

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