CkErrorDomain 7 and CkErrorDomain 6

these are the 2 error messages that popped in the Window > Log window* in the 7 hour (overnight) sync session it took for my 42.3 G database to sync using iCloud (CloudKit option) on a wifi with 225meg down / 90 meg upload capability.

10 such errors in total (9 for #7, 1 of #6)

The good news is:

  1. the suggestion posted adjacent to “walk away” and “let it play out” worked!
  2. the ‘error’ corrected itself and pick up where it left off.
  3. turning down the number of max connections (a popup list found in sync preferences) seems to be the a key factor to success

Who knew? Being patient and listening to what works from others actually worked!

Thanks @bluefrog and all others for your help.

*Log file available upon request.


These are issues caused by Apple’s throttling of its CloudKit servers, especially after a certain amount of upload requests. The next release will improve the retry and throttle handling of the sync but might not be able to completely wipe out this temporary issue.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

How far down should I turn the number of max connections?

Reducing Max. Connections isn’t conclusively a rememdy but it can be reduced all the way to 1, if you want to. Patience and syncing one database at a time is the current prescription.

how can i set it to 1? i am running into this now as well. the ui is a bit lackluster on this, the sync page for the location shows that all my databases have synced yet 4 out of 5 are completely empty…

The user was referring to DEVONthink on the Mac. You can’t change the number of connections in DEVONthink To Go.