Clarification rule sequencing and trigger order while updating

Hi All,

I was not able to find an explanation of the following in the help:
is the smart rule execution sequence the one that appears in the sidebar, top-down?
which triggers are triggered first :slight_smile: ?
meaning, I open a DT indexed database and place a file in the inbox
I have two rules - one on import another on database opening.
which runs first based on the event? (the real question is, is there a sequential list of the triggers that we can use, like DB open -> Index (import) ->sync(creation)->Feed update etc.

also, what is the difference between “duplicate and continue” and “duplicate” + adding a subsequent action?

  • If you have two smart rules targeting the same location, matching files with the same criteria, and different actions, the first rule takes precedence.

  • Duplicate and Continue changes the input from the originally matched file to the newly duplicated file. Duplicate creates the new file but the original file is still the input and is acted upon by any subsequent actions.


File A…
> Duplicate - A duplicate (File B) is created.
> Label - File A is labeled.
> Move - File A is moved.

Duplicate and Continue

File A in…
> Duplicate and Continue - A duplicate (File B) is created.
> Label - File B is labeled.
> Move - File B is moved.

thanks again for your clear answers.

last point on triggers (smart rules aside):
suppose I did changes to the DB from DTTG sending stuff to DTTG Inbox, and there is something in the inbox now.
when I open DT on the Mac it will download the things in the inbox and trigger the event “on import” for everything that is new?
if I played around and moved the imported items within a group in the inbox in DTTG before opening DT on the Mac, will it still consider them as “being imported” or they will have another status?

also, the On News trigger left me wondering. is that the “on import or on creation” for feeds?