"Classify" and New Groups

I’ve been trying to find a simple way to deal with situations when you’re trying to file something using the “Classify” and realize that you’d like to put the file into multiple groups, one of which doesn’t exist yet. In other words, you think the file is related to multiple topics, but one for one of the topics it’s the first one. This means that the new group naturally doesn’t show up in the “Classify” menu and if I create a new group for it and replicate it first to that group, then clicking “Move to” to file it to the other groups deletes that replicant. Hence, the only way I’ve found is to file it to one or more groups using “Move to”, then create the new group, go find the file in one of the groups you moved it to, and replicate it to the new group. Is there a simpler way?

Hi Sampsa,

I run into this problem all the time. My solution is to

  1. replicate the item in question (command-L). It should appear right below the item you were trying to classify.
  2. click on the “move item” in the classify pane (there should still be one copy sitting in the group where you were working)
  3. manually move the remaining replicant into the new group (either by dragging it or by using the “move to” command found in the contextual menu) .

Hope this helps.


Thanks but I can’t get that to work, as pressing “Move To” deletes all replicants, including the one I just created, and moves the file to selected group.

On the context menu (right-click or ctrl-click on the item), you’ll find a command to “Replicate to” with a menu with all your existing groups. I’d create the new group, then use this command to create as many replicates as desired.


Yes, the issue isn’t that I don’t know how to make replicants. It’s that pressing “Move To” deletes all replicants made previously, no matter the method and no matter where they are. So if I want to put something to a new folder AND use the AI to classify, I need to first use the AI through the “Move To” button and then hunt the file down again to replicate it to the new folders.