Classify conflicts with Smart Folders

I am having an issue where occasionally, but not consistently, when I classify a document, it is removed from all smart folders regardless of whether it meets their criteria.

An example would be a document created yesterday, with a green label, will be removed from the “yesterday” and “green label” smart folders when I choose to move it to a few folder that the classify feature selects. I understand that the “move to” feature removes a document from its previous locations (though I sincerely wish it wouldn’t) but it shouldn’t be moving items from smart folders where they belong.

As I said, this is not a consistent problem. It seems to happen about 1 out of 5 times I use the feature, though I cannot figure out if there is any kind of pattern.

Is anyone else noticing this problem?

Did I post this in the wrong place? My post seems to be the only one that nobody has given any kind of answer to.

Please let me know if I should post my question someplace else.

I’ve not seen that behavior myself, but one question would be can you give an example of your smart folder criteria? I’m wondering if, once the file is moved, the criteria no longer applies?

If you want to replicate a document to a new folder or folders, I can help you with the ‘Move To’ command using Classify. You can select multiple folders in the ‘See Also and Classify’ pane by using the Shift or Command keys. Select the current folder from the list where the document is currently located as well as the folder(s) where you would like the document replicated. Then hit the ‘Move To’ button and the files will be replicated, with one replicant remaining in the original folder.