Classify Drawer Idea: ability to view folder contents

Here’s an idea I find myself wishing DT could do:

In the classify drawer, the ability to quickly view the contents of the folder suggested, w/o having to open it in another window. Could be done in one of several ways I think:

a) the easiest to use I think would be to have a flippy triangle which could be opened/closed to show what other files are in the folder suggested by DT – the normal arrow key commands navigate/open/close them would work really well and be convenient
b) have a column view option for the classify drawer (screen real estate would be an issue with this though)
c) have it within a contextual menu of some sort

Anyone else think this would be useful or have other ideas?

Yes, I felt the same but did not get so far as to see what the problem is :unamused:. Good idea to change that.

A comfortable implementation is a problem. Neither of the proposals is perfectly satisfying IMHO, but let us think about it…