Classify not working, or I cant figure it out


I am having a hard time understanding and using the classify. I read the book, googled and checked the previous posts. When I select classify on any document (I tried text, PDF (OCRed)), nothing happens. Please advice…

Did you select the inspector or Data > Classify? This works only if the results are not ambiguous (e.g. multiple suggestions having almost the same score or the top score having a too weak score).

Yes. I select a file. Select Data>Classify. Nothing happens???

See above. You could use the See Also & Classify inspector instead.

OK. I think I now understand. If DT3 can apply some logic, it will classify. If it can not, it simply doesnt do anything. Is that accurate?

Correct. The AI will do its best to offer useful suggestions. But if those suggestions are deemed liess reliable, it will do no classifying.

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