Classify / See Also Behavior for Bookmarks

I’m starting to use DT3 Classify and See Also features and have some questions I haven’t been able to find an answer in docs or here.

  1. For Bookmarks what data does DT use to recommend classifications? (URL/domain, finder annotation, tag, label, etc).
  • Since there isn’t any content data in a webloc what data should I be adding that will be processed by DT AI?)
  1. I want to Replicate (not move) the documents when I Classify them; Is there a way to make this the default behavior when I use Classify Automation?

This depends on the settings of the See Also & Classify inspector. Either contents (including the document’s text, properties, metadata and custom metadata) or alternatively tags are used. But things like title, filename, comments, URL, flags, label etc. don’t matter.

In addition, In case of bookmarks the contents of a visible & loaded preview of the web page are used if available.

This is only available on demand by pressing the Alt modifier key.