Classify & See Also vs. Replicants

I have a small problem with my workflow and need some advice. Unfortunately searching didn’t helped me.

  • I have documents in my Inbox and normally rename them first.
  • For special documents I directly want to create a replicant in a tax folder (if this document is tax relevant).
  • After this I want to use “Classify & See Also” to sort the documents into the normal folders with this cool magic function.

Problem: After using Classify & See Also the replicant gets removed automatically which is irritating me. Why is this happening, is there a way to prevent this?

I don’t want to first sort it in and the go to this folder and create the replicant.

Many thanks for a tip how to deal with this.

All best,

have a small

  • After this I want to use “Classify & See Also” to sort the documents into the normal folders with this cool magic function.

Are you creating a replicant in the Inbox then classifying into another database?

I tried both. Normally I am in the Global Inbox and create a replicant in a folder of another database.
But also if I am creating a replicant from the Inbox of a database and use Classify within the same database the beforsten created replicant disappears.


You can’t create a replicant in another database. Replicants can only be made in the same database.
You can duplicate across databases.

This is noted.
But even when creating a replicant from the inbox of a database to a folder within the same database, after using classify the replicant disappears.

It looks like that using classify automatically removes replicants.
Can this be reproduced by someone?

Yes, it is doing what it’s supposed to. When you classify the file to another database, the source of the replicant no longer exists in the Inbox, therefore the replicant disappears.

This is easily shown by merely moving the file into another database. The replicant will be removed then too. The replicant would no longer be a replicant and to leave it behind would be to leave a file in place that has no relationship to the other file.

If you want to preserve a copy in the Inbox, duplicate it, then classify the original file to another database.

Me again.
Going away from inboxes I did another test within one database.
Imagine I have a group ‘FOLDER’ in a database.
Under FOLDER there are groups ‘ONE’ and ‘TWO’.

  1. Create a text document ‘test’ under ‘FOLDER’.
  2. Replicate document ‘test’ to group ‘ONE’.
  3. Now use Classify to move document ‘test’ to group ‘TWO’.
    -> Result: You would see that the replicant under group ‘ONE’ automatically disappears.
    Expected result: ‘Test’ is available under group ‘TWO’ and the replicant under group ‘ONE’.

So still I think Classify is automatically removing replicants WITHIN the same database.
Can you reproduce this?

It does. Only pressing the Alt modifier key and choosing Replicate instead of Move works as desired.

Move is not the problem.
When you first have created Replicants and then use move, the replicants will not be touched. Its only the classify

That’s actually intentional. Classifying removes all instances and then adds the item only to the selected group(s) in case of Move. Only Replicate adds a new instance and doesn’t touch the current ones.