Clean Evernote Imports with Previous Imported Data

I don’t believe the Clean Evernote Imports feature was available when I came to DT in 2021. I am still feeling the effects of the import. Would it be possible to run my current databases through this smart rule? If this is not possible, what would be my best option to clean up the excess data from my original Evernote import?

Thank you.

There is nothing different that would preclude you from using that smart rule.

The Smart Rule is greyed out, and I cannot drag anything into it. Do I need to adjust the rule?
CleanShot 2023-12-06 at 12.53.17@2x

Double-click it to edit it. You should be prompted to select the Search In location.

Thank you! I was abe to get to work. I appreciate your help.

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I’m going through my own Evernote to DTPro import project now. Where can I get more information about the Clean Evernote Imports smart rule? I cannot find it in DTPro now.

See Help > Support Assistant > Install Extras > Rules