Clear filtered search

I know this is a very basic question and I do get there eventually with it, nut having performed a filtered search, how do you clear the search to get back to an unfiltered view i.e. is there a “clear all” button?

See screen shot. Does pressing the little “x” at right of search box do what you want?

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Thanks. I have been using that but for some reason I didn’t feel like it had cleared all of the filters but just tried it and it seems to be the case. I’ll see how I get on.

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You can also press Esc if you wish to keep your hands on the keyboard. However, while that removes the effect of the search filter the wording of the filter remains (I hope that’s the right way to explain it, sorry if not!).



Thank you, that makes sense. I have actually got a bit frustrated with the search last week as had someone on the phone whilst trying to find a document. The reason why I couldn’t find it was it didn’t have OCR on the document. My fault I remembered from a while back that some documents don’t automatically pick this up. Works fine now I have updated the docs…

Glad you have this figured out now. :slight_smile:

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