Clearing color from group icons


it seems that if a color is set for a group tag and this group tag is subsequently changed to a group (i.e. excluded from tagging), the color is retained.

A minor annoyance: In order to clear the color, I need to first exclude the group from tagging again, clear the color and then uncheck the “exclude from tagging” checkbox.


  • Either the color should not be retained when changing a group tag to a group, or it should be possible to clear the color from the group without additional steps.

Thanks for considering.

This sounds like the reverse of what the process should be. Don’t you mean…

  1. Disable Exclude from Tagging for the colored group.
  2. Click the flyout next to the Color well in the Info inspector, and choose Clear.
  3. Enable Exclude from Tagging again, and you have a blue group icon once again.

You’re right, I mixed up steps 1 and 3.

In any case, the point is that it would be useful if the color flyout was also displayed for groups. It makes sense that if coloring is applicable to them, it should also be possible to clear it.