Clearing hilighted text and whats the keyboard chcaracter.

I use highlighting to mark text that I need to go back and cleanup when I’m writing. This works brilliantly, but is there a way to clear all the highlighting from a document or several selected documents before exporting them to be sent to the magazine editor?


How does one find the slanted arrow on the keyboard. It’s used in the Go > Top Group and Go > First document menu item. I can’t figure it out.


Well, for a single document, you can select the entire document with the Command-A keystroke, the hit Shift-Command-L twice and all highlighting will clear. Don’t know about multiple documents though.

As for the diagonal arrows, the diagonal arrow that points to the upper left is the fn-left_arrow(home) and the diagonal arrow that points down to the lower right is fn-right_arrow(end). So the key combo for the equivalent of the Go->Top Group would be Option-Command-fn-left_arrow.


Thanks for the advice - especially about those arrow keys.