Clicking on one particular RTF file made DT3 unresponsive

So I click on an .RTF file to select it, and DT3 freezes, is unresponsive (beachball). I think, OK, my Mac’s clogged up somehow. I wait, but nothing happens, so I force-quit DT3 and restart the Mac. But the same thing happens again and again, just when I select this one .RTF file (as far as I can tell, just this one, since I couldn’t replicate it with other RTF files that I selected at random).

So next time, instead of clicking on the file to open it, I carefully right-click on it and select Show in Finder from the contextual menu. I reveal the file in the Finder, and option-drag it to copy it onto the desktop. I open that in TextEdit, and it opens fine - there appears to be nothing wrong with it.

I carefully right-click on the file in DT3 again and this time select Move to Trash. I empty the DT3 trash, then move the file I copied onto the desktop back into DT3 where it originally lived. Now it seems fine since it opens OK in DT3. No idea what happened.

I wouldn’t have been able to select the option > help > Report Bug while the beachballing was going on, because the whole app had frozen.

But, any idea what might have been going on? And, if this happens agin, how to find out and report what’s up?

When the application is stalled, do a Spotlight search for Activity Monitor . Select our application in the list of processes - it should show “(Not Responding)” and the name in red - and press Command-Option-S to run a sample on it. When the sample window opens, press the Save button and save it to your Desktop. Please attach this text file to your Support Ticket so we can inspect it.

OK, I’ll do that if/when it happens again. Thanks.

No problem.