Clip bookmarklet

Hi Folks,

I had a couple of questions about the clipping bookmarlet. forgive me if they seem a bit obvious.

  1. How do I install it? I dee no options in any of the menus.
  2. The blog post said that it is hosted on your servers. Why does it need to make a connection to a server? I clip a lot of private company pages, and send info outside could get me into trouble. Isn’t it a supposed to be just a javascript like bookmarklets from other apps.


For question #1, search on ‘bookmarklet’ in DT’s help menu. From there you can just drag the bookmarklets to your browser’s bookmarks.

For question #2, I’ve been curious about that also.

Thanks. Maybe there should be a menu item in the tools. This is fairly hard to find.

I probably should not install it until I figure out why it talks to the servers.

Re: #2. [Edit: removed beta forum link; thanks, ayodh14] You can download the .js code if you want to examine it.

When I click on the above link, I get: “You are not authorised to read this forum.”

Seems weird!

D’oh! I didn’t notice that’s in the private beta forum. I can repeat my post here:

… but don’t have permission to post Christian’s (not Eric’s) response.

Thanks, sjk for noting the reference.

Christian’s comment was “Only the JavaScript code & some required resources are hosted by our server but of course no data is sent to our server.”

The Clipping Bookmarklet is a little Web application, as it is interactive, providing user choices of filetype. But its hosting on the server is consistent with the DEVONtechnologies privacy policy. It’s not collecting user data or looking into databases. :slight_smile:

Hi Bill,

Thanks a lot for your reply. A few questions would really help clarify this for me:

  1. It seems like the only data sent to the Devontech servers is a request for the javascript/css. Is the URL being clipped or any other info sent as a part of the request?
  2. Will this always be hosted onto the devontech server? Or is it just while it is development phase.
  3. Is it possible for me to host the js on my own webserver.

I am sure you guys have a good privacy policy, but my company is very strict about this kind of stuff :frowning:


Probably, if you can download all the relevant files (not just the main JavaScript file) and optionally monitor for and download future updates.

(back from vacation)

The bookmarklet itself loads more code from our server (JavaScript code and a CSS stylesheet) because it’s simply to large to get squeezed into a one-line bookmarklet. This code is then inserted live into the displayed web page and executed, showing the HUD UI.

When you actually clip, no data is sent to the server but locally to DEVONthink. All loaded code is for the UI only.