Clip/send to Safari plug in stopped working after update

I did the recent upgrade to DT 3.8.1 and now none of my plug-ins work to send to DevonThink (I’m using Safari v. 15.2). I tried to unable and re-enable the plug ins and it didn’t help. When I click the DT plug in icon or try to click “add to” DT via the share menu, nothing happens. Help?

Update: The extension also doesn’t work in Chrome … when I click it I get a popup window asking if I want to allow Chrome to open DevonThink (even though it’s already open) and when I click yes it just takes me to the DevonThink inbox but doesn’t add the content from Chrome.

Hae you rebooted the machine?

LOL. I just came back here to delete my post because … I re-booted my machine and now it’s fine. Hah. Oops. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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No worries and you’re welcome! :blush: