Clip through Web UI

it would be cool, if it was possible to do clipping of a website through the web ui.
Similar to the Safari clip extension.
So I could not only take notes remotely, upload files, but also clip interesting Websites!

Thanks a lot and btw DEVONthink is a great piece of software!!


What is “clip”? Download whole sites? Make a web archive? Save a page as PDF?

Yes :slight_smile: same options as in the “Clip to DEVONthink” Extension for Safari would be cool.


If you right-click in a Web view from DEVONthink, you’ll get all the same options that are in the Safari extension.

I was referring to the webinterface in DEVONthink Pro Office.
through this interface I can add files and take notes, but can not Clip websites like in DEVONthink itself or through the Safari extension.
Background is, that I use a mac and a Windows PC and I use the webinterface of DEVONthink on the PC for adding Files and Notes and when I discover an interesting website while surfing with the PC it would be cool to add that through the webinterface, too.

Got it-I now understand what you are looking for.