Clip to Devonthink as PDF with weird outcome

This happens all the time when i am using the clip to devonthink feature with Pocket and other Pages as well, like blogposts of the Devonian Times. I use the latest Version of DevonThink (3.8.3) and my other specs are:

  • MacOS 10.11.6
  • Vivaldi Browser (latest 5.1.2567.73)
  • Clip to DevonThink Extension (latest 1.5.2)

The Top Part of the Page is allways in the middle of the text and overlaps it, as you can see in this example from Pocket:

Or the Devonian Times:

I hope you guys can help me with that. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Does this also happen using Safari and its browser extension?

I couldn´t test it with Safari. I could not install any extension in it, since apple doesn´t provide any to those years old unsupported browser (Safari 11.1.2 is from 2018) and Devonthink only offers the extension for chrome and Firefox to me. So i tested it with Firefox and Brave with the same outcome :confused:

What version of Firefox are you using?
And you are running an old operating system. Any chance you can move to 10.14 minimum?

Yes, i am aware that i am running an old OS and no, upgrading is not possible. I am using the last Version of Firefox (78.15.0) that came out for my operating system.

Loading the web page in Safari, opening the Sorter, choosing the Web Clip tab and clipping from Safari that way should be sufficient too.

The current version of Firefox is 98.0.2. I’m seeing no issue in Mojave and later. Just reporting.

Thank you for your patience. I did like you said but the result is the same.

Also when clipping a single page PDF?

Yes, i only use the single page option.

And the web page in Safari was still showing the cookie banner or not?

I don´t see any cookie banner.

Okay, i missed the point: I see the cookie banner in Safari and all of the other browsers.

I see the cookie banner in Safari. It was a missunderstanding from me.