Clip to Devonthink black

I have upgraded to Safari 14.0.1 and now my clipper is a black background with black text and I see nothing

Sorry, I confused your report with a similar one, so have deleted my post. Have you tried restarting your Mac? If the problem persists, please post a screenshot.

The version of Safari doesn’t have any impact on the Sorter’s appearance. Which version of macOS do you use?

Strange I tried everything, I switched my preferences on the mac from Auto display to light and dark then suddenly it corrected itself no idea why. I just kept pressing buttons. Back to normal now. In DT preferences I also noted “use dark background for documents” was selected but greyed out so I could not amend this.

The problem seems to be that the clipping module keeps the color scheme it gets when starting. I use the automatic light/dark switching in Big Sur. When DevonThink is started in dark mode, the clipping module keeps the dark background, even if the desktop switched to light mode. Restarting DevonThink in light mode seems to correct that

Thanks makes sense

@cgrunenberg yeah, so I can confirm the black clipper background with DT 3.5.2 and macOS 11.0.1. I haven’t attempted to confirm @rvolz diagnostics & solution yet tho.

This is what I experienced, however it has now corrected itself. Very strange

I have been trying to reproduce this issue over the last few weeks without success, does anyone have any steps to reproduce this? Thanks

I had been working in dark mode, later I was in light mode and it appeared to lock itself into dark mode. I got it out of this by switching modes when like magic it was back to normal. That is my best guess.

Thanks, that was my guess too and how I have been trying to reproduce it.

To reproduce this: turn on automatic mode switching in preferences, start DevonThink and wait 24h


  1. the clipper changes its colors (including background color) when the desktop switches from light to dark mode
  2. when the desktop switches back to light mode again, the clipper does so too, except the background color stays dark black; a restart of DT is necessary
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Thanks I will try that.