Clip to DEVONThink Bookmarklet and Extension fail in Firefox

Hi I’m new to this forum, and wonder if anyone else has this problem:

I have tried installing the Clip to DEVONThink Bookmarklet , the individual Bookmarklets for clipping info into DEVONThink and also have installed the extension, but all act the same way—

when they are envoked, FIrefox loops, opening an infinite number of new tabs, until it locks up.

I have disabled each of my extensions, one-by-one, but to no avail.

My Firefox version is 3.6.8 and I’m on a MacBook Pro.

Anybody have any thoughts/suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

In case someone else has this problem, it turns out to be an issue with Firefox, not DEVONThink: … ntrol=3600