'Clip to Devonthink' bookmarklet doesn't work for me

Hi Guys!

What am I doing wrong here?

I dragged ‘Clip to Devonthink’ bookmarklet into my Safari Bookmarks bar on MacBook and sync’ed Safari bookmarks with my iPhone via iTunes.

When in iOS Safari on a page I want to clip into DTTG, I click ‘Bookmarks’->‘Bookmarks bar’ and choose ‘Clip to DEVONthink’ and Safari asks "Open this page in “DEVONthink”? I choose “Open” and it switches to DTTG, but then nothing happens.

I presume it should have created new note and do the magic, bit somehow it fails to do so.

What am I missing or haven’t done properly? Please, help :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’m using iOS 6.0.1 on my iPhone 4.

EDIT 2: I tried ‘Archive’, ‘Selection’ and ‘Text’ bookmarklets and only the latter works as expected properly setting ‘Source’ metadata field as well. Hmm… it’s better than nothing, but would be great to have ‘Clip’ or ‘Archive’ working too.

All of the DEVONthink Bookmarklets are JavaScript apps that were intended to work on the Mac side-it’s a wonder that any of them work with DEVONthink To Go. In my experience, the only ones that work with DEVONthink To Go are Bookmark, HTML, and Text. Of these, Text is also pretty messy. I expect that Selection would work but for the fact that Safari deselects the text when you click on the menu to select a bookmark.

What you can do with the Text bookmarklet is make a selection, copy it, then invoke the Text bookmarklet. Open the text file in DEVONthink To Go and select all text, delete it, then paste the clipboard. Note that the text file has the proper URL attached to the file, but for some reason this is not transferred to the Mac side when synced. All in all, not a very effective means of capturing text from Safari iOS to DEVONthink To Go. I would explore either capturing the web pages to a read later service and editing on the Mac side, or use the Reading List sync feature of iOS 6 to save the pages and again edit on the Mac side. I save Web pages to Instapaper and then subscribe to the RSS feed of my Instapaper documents in DEVONthink-not a perfect solution but it does work.

Clearly a better solution would be most welcome-here’s hoping that DEVONthink To Go gets a much-needed feature & facelift soon.