Clip to devonthink can't save images

I am clipping/saving this page to devonthink from chrome. Link: www[dot]gcores[dot]com/articles/102874

If I clip with webarchive, and go offline, only text is shown in devonthink.
If I clip with pdf format, there is text only as well.

But if I clip with evernote’s chrome extension, there is texts and pictures, as true archive of this page.

If evernote can do this, why not devonthink?

Evernote just clips a static representation of the current web page. Depending on how you’ve used it it might or might not be complete. DEVONthink supports many formats & options and has to download & render the page on its own again. But this website is dynamic and that’s not fully supported. You could print the page to DEVONthink or save a web archive to its inbox instead.

If evernote can do this, why not devonthink?

Due to the ever-changing technologies employed by web designers, not all pages can be successfully clipped. (And yes, even Evernote’s clipping extension fails at times.) You could browse the page in DEVONthink and clip it from there. This may have a better chance of capturing those problematic pages.

Note: There is no “clipping standard”. These things are developed independently and with their own solutions. Though our extension works in many instances, we have it on our list to enhance in the future. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

(Also, note that Evernote has 300+ employees and millions of dollars in funding. We are a small development house, completely self-contained and funded through our sales alone. And at one point, I heard rumor (though I didn’t try and substantiate it) they had at least 40 people working on the clipping extension technology.)