Clip to DevonThink causing session expiry


I am having a few difficulties with my webmail account at when the Clip to DevonThink extension is enabled.

At the bottom of every message window is a link that takes me to the next page of messages in my mailbox, clicking that with Clip to DevonThink enabled closes the session and I’m bounced to the log-in page with the following error:

The session you are trying to use has expired. This is either because you were inactive for more than 2 hours or clicked the Logout button. Please enter your user name and password to login again and I’ll try and continue from where you left off.

The session automatically times out at 30 minutes but this can happen seconds after I log in if I click on the link to view the next page.

I’ve raised this with Fastmail and they don’t have any other reports of this issue. It is happening on two machines that both have the extension loaded.

If I disable the extension it works and also if I turn off all extensions.

Any thoughts?

Regards Alan

Web archives or PDF documents added by the bookmarklet/browser extensions have to be downloaded & rendered by DEVONthink again as the browsers can’t provide the necessary data.

Adding bookmarks/notes/HTML pages or using services shouldn’t cause these issues.