Clip to DEVONthink doesn't capture image

Hi friends,

Using DTPO (v2.11.2), with MacOS (v10.14.2), Clip to DEVONthink (v1.3), I’ve clipped several pages from a particular website, using PDF (one page or paginated) or Rich Text, it doesn’t capture all of the images on the page. I’ve tried with and without clutter free, and that doesn’t make a difference. In each instance, it’s the image below the words “Here’s episode x … of the “The World of Film Simulation”:” The image is itself downloadable, with a right-click, so I don’t believe that there’s anything special, fancy or unusual about it. … episode-1/ … episode-2/ … -3-velvia/ … 4-pro-neg/ … e-5-astia/ … -6-provia/

Any idea what’s going on, and how to remedy it?


Is that the only site with the “issue”? Possibly a DRM issue or malformed HTML. FWIW, I cannot export that site to PDF with Margin Note 3 – in fact I get the same result with holes that DEVONthink gets. So, it’s probably not DEVONthink. On the other hand, it’s possible to print the page to PDF from Safari and save that to DEVONthink, so there’s another way to get where you want.

The web is full of companies that have no clue on how to design web pages.

The page is from 2015, so I’m not surprised that the web design is poor. And no, the content isn’t proprietary/DRM. Yep, only page that I’m having this issue on. And “Printing” from Safari as PDF produces the same “hole” in the page. :angry: