Clip to DEVONthink erratic

While I’ve experienced the same problems as others on the NYTimes site, the Clip to DT seems to behave erratically on other sites, in Safari 5.01 and in Firefox 3.6.8. Specifically on a TechRepublic site, … ag=nl.e064 , the Clip to DT does not work, while the bookmarklets, Archive and PDF (the two I tried) do.

I just installed the new Safari extension, Clip to DT. Works like a charm on the TechRepublic site AND the NYTimes site. (I have an account on the latter.)


It works for me on Tech Republic, too. Only on the NYT web site it appears ‘below’ the search box. The NY Times has set the search box to the highest possible z-index (the ‘cruising height’ of a page object) to prevent it getting overlaid.

Hmm… NY Times doesn’t work for me with extension or (still) bookmarklets. I also have an account there. I get the login screen when clipping, archiving, pdf’ing.

I am having a different problem with the clip to DT bookmarklet when using Safari 5.0.1. When I go to a web page that is displayed as a pdf and hit the bookmarklet, it doesn’t save it to DT. If I try to save the pdf to DT through the Safari>File>Print I get a message that Adobe won’t allow it. I end up having to save the file to desktop and then moving the pdf file to DT. Is there a more direct way to move the pdf file to DT?

Take a look at the “Internet Plugins” folder in your user account Library (~/Library/Internet Plugins). I’ll bet the Adobe PDF viewer plugin is installed.

That plugin is not necessary to view PDFs in OS X and has had a long history of causing glitches.

Delete it, then logout/login.

I received a private message from a user whose input I highly respect, that perhaps my comments about Adobe’s PDF viewer plugin were too harsh. And I’ll readily admit that I’ve been a long-time critic of Adobe’s quality assurance for their applications released for the Mac. Over the years there have been a number of weird problems submitted to Support that were cured simply by removing the Adobe plugin.

I’ve paid for Acrobat myself and use it for certain purposes. It is indeed a very powerful application. But I never use it or Adobe Reader when my objective is to capture content to a DEVONthink database.

Looking again at the OP, the presence of a message from Adobe indicates that an action involved in the capture he attempted resulted from Adobe’s block of that action, and that the PDF was being displayed either in Acrobat or in Adobe Reader.

On rethinking my response to that post, I’ll add the recommendation that the user try viewing PDFs in Preview or in DEVONthink using PDFKit, whenever the objective is to capture content from a PDF into a DEVONthink database.

The capture he wished to make would then work, and probably whether or not the Adobe plugin is present. The reason is that Acrobat doesn’t allow the full range of capture options to DEVONthink that are available in OS X Preview and PDFKit, including Services and the script to print as PDF to a database.

That’s why I’ve told the Finder to make Preview the default application for opening PDFs. On my own Macs, I remove Adobe’s PDF viewer plugin but on rare occasions may replace it for special tasks using Acrobat.

Thanks for your response. I removed the Adobe plug in and I can now print to DT. I still can’t capture the page with the DT clipping bookmarklet.

Clip to Devonthink has quit working for me, which is very troubling since it’s quite valuable. I reinstalled the bookmarklet. I even reinstalled DTP and restarted. No dice. Puzzling. I also deleted the Adobe plug-in. The PDF (paginated) bookmarklet works, which is a consolation.

The symptom should be diagnostic. If I click on “Clip to DEVONthink”, my downloads folder bounces and I see that I have yet another instance of the file Clip to DEVONthink.safariextz.