Clip to DevonThink extension cannot be applied to FireFox 5?

Just updated to DTP 2.1.1. It appears that the Clip to DEVONthink extension that came with it does not work with Firefox 5. Is that right? The message from Firefox was that the extension was “not in the right format.”

I assumed a DTP update would include an update of the extension to the current version of the relevant browser. Will we have to wait on another update to DTP?


Yes. Firefox 4 had an unexpectedly short life, as it (and Chrome) were found to have a serious security flaw.

Comment: I don’t use Firefox when capturing data to DEVONthink, as it isn’t fully Services-compliant and doesn’t allow capture of a selected portion of an HTML page as rich text.

Thanks, Bill. I’ve used FF for web browsing practically since it came out. For the past few years I’ve used Safari primarily/exclusively to run an interesting and powerful web-based app, TiddlyWiki. < >

FF 4 was practically the worst, if not the worst, experience I’ve had with software in a long time. I am gravitating away from TiddlyWiki – reluctantly – and the thought of going with Safari as my primary web browser has crossed my mind. I haven’t noticed recent updates invalidating the Clip to DT add-on for it.

Another reason for sticking with FF was Zotero, though there is now a free-standing version of it, so that dependency is no longer a consideration. [And I am also considering gravitating from Zotero to BibDesk.]

Clip to DevonThink in Firefox 5.1 seems to work for me with DevonThink 2.2. Maybe update to 2.2?

Thanks. I’ll check it out.