Clip to devonthink gets bookmarks not pdfs

I keep getting bookmarks instead of pdfs when using Clip to Devonthink in both Chrome and Safari. (DT3, iOS Mojave)

It’s been going on for a while, before the most recent update. Quitting DT3 and restarting would fix it for a while. Now, with newest version, I can’t get it to work at all.

Is this a known issue?


No, there is no known issue. Reboot the machine and see if the issue recurs.

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Rebooting… oh yes of course. Working again. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

for what it’s worth, I had this happen to me today too. It happened right after using a script that creates bookmarks. It’s almost like DT had “cached” the instructions or something. I restarted DT and all seems well.

It’s recurrent, sad to say. Rebooting works, but having to reboot every day, sometimes more often, makes me suspect something amiss with DT3.

I don’t find any pattern, like switching to pdf after clipping a bookmark. Sometimes restarting DT3 does the trick. If not, I have to reboot the whole machine. Puzzling.

I would look for patterns in the URLs / sites you’re trying to clip.