Clip to DEVONthink into a existing folder possible?


i have organized my entries into different folders. Both in DEVONthing and DTTG and synchronize everything via iCloud. When I use “Clip to DEVONthink” in the Mac app, i can select the destination folder. In DTTG there doesn’t seem to be this possibility. Everything lands in the inbox and i can only manually move it from there to the appropriate folder. Am i doing something wrong or isn’t there this (for me essentially important) function of selecting the destination folder in DTTG?


No, it’s currently not possible to clip directly into groups in DEVONthink To Go.
iOS ≠ macOS, so the experience and differences in UI make bringing this action to our iOS application more difficult. It may be a feature in a future major release.

Thanks for your reply! Fortunately I asked before the DEVONthink update and can save this investment.

I absolutely understand that Smart Folders cannot be synchronized with the Mac App for technical reasons. And so I already changed everything to normal folders. But I really can’t understand where the problem of target folders in DTTG is. Synchronizing between Mac and DTTG and moving after importing into DTTG works afterwards. And even with Apple Notes I can determine the destination folder in the iPhone app during import.

The depth of the hierarchy in Apple Notes is very different than what is often found in a DEVONthink database. The space restrictions on smaller form factor iOS devices and the general simple, iOS user experience have to be considered when making UI decisions.

I would, also, support adding this in a future release. Having to touch the clipping again in the inbox is a challenge to my workflow. I can try to file everything at the end of the day, but the material is less familiar at that time, so I often have to quickly glance at the file again. Being able to file to the appropriate folder/group at clipping would be very helpful!

The request is noted.

+1 on this request!