"Clip To DevonThink" + Location Selector


I love the DT bookmarklets, but find myself wishing I could combine the features of the standard ones with the special “clip to devonthink” one. Basically, when I click the “clip to DT” bookmarklet, in addition to writing a note and selecting the format (note, bookmark, web archive, etc.) I wish I could also select the location. Rather than using the global inbox, I use a number of self-created inboxes representing a variety of projects. Being able to select these when I click the “clip” bookmarklet would be a great help. Perhaps the location selector could be hidden with a disclosure triangle to not add cruft to the interface if other users don’t want to see a list of their locations.


Doesn’t setting Preferences > Import - Destination to “Select group” do what you need?

My “clip to Devonthink 1.2.1” Safari extension no longer responds to a change to the, Preferences -> Import -> Destination, selection. It always requires me to select a group in the small window that appears without regards to the preference settings. I remember that I used to be able to have it clip to either the global inbox or the inbox of the current database. Seems like something is wrong?