Clip to DevonThink not working

I am evaluating Devonthink (I have not bought it yet) but I have to ask. Is there something wrong with the clip for Devonthink Firefox extension? I can never get it to work and save in the available formats.

I am running macos bigsur with Firefox 87 and the latest version of Devonthink.

Right now this looks like a “no buy” if that extension does not work. It could also be just me.

Welcome @aluciani

Firefox appears to have made some underlying change affecting the toolbar button. However you can define a shortcut in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sorter amc use that.

I have just tested it here (writing this message in Firefox 87) and a click on the Clip to DEVONthink toolbar button opens the Sorter panel as expected. What exactly happens when you try it, @aluciani?

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Works here too. Firefox 87, extension version 1.5.

Thank you for cross-checking!

Thanks everyone for helping here. It might just be me :slight_smile:

When I clip something, it does not render in Devonthink. The forum software wont let me add screenshots or links, hope the below helps.

When I clip something and use any format, but in my case is formatted note with clutter free checked. it will add it to the inbox but when I go to view the item in the inbox, the contents are blank.

Thoughts? @eboehnisch @BLUEFROG

OK, the extension works then but the result is now what you expect. Does it work from Safari, have you checked? If it doesn’t work there, too, opening a support ticket and providing us with URLs of web pages that don’t work could help us investigate further.

Did you try it with different kind of pages? Ones without log-ins, without anti adblockers etc.?

And if the results are still bad for all of them—do you use other extensions that somehow alter the representation of a web page or might conflict with the DT extension?

And by the way: Even if clipping is working the quality of the results you get still depends on the individual web page. I have not seen a single app that can handle all web pages well. Luckily there is a second way to get web pages as PDF into DEVONthink: Print/Save PDF to DEVONthink. Works both with or without Reader view. I switch between the two of them all the time to get the best result.