Clip to DEVONthink on Firefox

Hi All,

Has anyone else recently experienced problems with Clip to DT on Firefox, where clicking on the CtDT button forces a refresh of the web page? I regularly end up with incomplete clips when the page I visited was very long or with lots of images. The “solution” is, after clicking on the CtDT button, to wait for the web page to completely reload behind the DT database/group selector popup window. Besides being an annoying waste of time when on a slow connection, it’s also inconvenient because the popup window masks part of the web page.

I said “recently” because I don’t remember having a similar issue with Firefox < 59. I otherwise use v. 1.3 (Jan. 2018) of CtDT.



DEVONthink downloads & renders the webpage on its own in the desired format, therefore it shouldn’t matter whether Firefox reloads the webpage or not or whether Firefox has completely loaded the webpage. Are you able to reproduce this using a certain URL?