Clip to DevonThink plug-in for FireFox will not install

I have just installed DT Pro 2.3, and opted to install the clipping plug-in for FireFox. But, FireFox complained that the Clip to Devon Think plug-in (version 1.2.3) is not compatible with my version, FireFox 3.6.22. Advice, please? many thanks.

Firefox has been feverishly issuing new versions, each of which kicks out previously installed extensions and requires them to be updated. And each extension update will be compatible only for a specific version of Firefox.

The rationale escapes me. :slight_smile:

Their rationale escapes me as well.

However, I am not using any of the latest, feverishly-issued releases, but the more tried-and-true 3.6 (3.6.23, to be exact).

With what versions of FireFox can I use the “Clip to Devon Think” plug-in? And, from where can I download the plug-in?

I can’t find this information on the Devon web site.


The Firefox extension in DEVONthink 2.3 applications is compatible with Firefox 6 and can be installed in Firefox 6 by running the Install Add-Ons procedure.

But hurry, before Firefox 7 is released. :slight_smile: