"Clip to DEVONThink" - Save to Instapaper Issue

I have DEVONThink (2.3.2) installed and the “Clip to DEVONThink” extension is installed on my Safari browser.

When I press the “Clip to DEVONThink” button on the browser, the web page is not being saved to my Instapaper account. On the “Clip to DEVONThink” window, I have the “Instapaper checkbox” is checked and the format is “PDF Paginated”.

Anybody have a solution? I can’t find a setting in the preferences or anything to solve this issue.


That option is to apply the Instapaper’s text view (similar to Safari’s Reader view) to the page before archiving in DEVONthink. It is not intended to add the page to your Instapaper account-you’ll want to add the Instapaper Read Later bookmarklet to your browser to get that.