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Hello Devontech,

Here is a problem that I have noticed with importing PDFs into DTTG using the Share extension on Safari (iOS 13) on an iPhone X.

  1. When a PDF document is opened in Safari, there is the share option:

  2. I choose the location in Clip to Devonthink.

  3. There is no option to copy as PDF, even though the Safari share extension recognizes the file type as such (see first picture). I don’t need a web archive, or a markdown file, just a plain ol’ PDF.

  4. However, if I click save to Files (not Clip to Devonthink), I can select Devonthink to Go in the document providers window.

  5. As well from the share extension, I am able to copy the PDF file to other editors like PDF Expert.

I am requesting that you make the PDF clip to Devonthink function more robust. Yes, I can use the Save to Files, but it is a few more steps, and not as intuitive as using the Clip to Devonthink function.

Edit: Changed a screenshot


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I too would like this to work better. My workaround is different from yours, but I’m used to it. now:

  • Tap Share
  • Choose Print; a print preview is displayed
  • Pinch out to make the print preview full-screen
  • Tap Share again
  • Now when you choose Devonthink, the file defaults to PDF
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Count me in on this one too!
Missing share as pdf to DTTG for ages!

Thanks for doing it!

I use Print as a workaround too. But that necessitates additional steps—which are to copy the URL in Safari and past it in the PDF’s info box in DTTG.

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Right, this extra step is a huge PITA just to save something you know is only temporary.

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Trying around, i noticed something new (to me):

When sharing an URL, there may be options as to what will be shared:

This is odd. I am a historian, and I download PDF’s all the time and the behavior works as expected - “Capture PDF” works.

Honestly I don’t remember a time when this doesn’t work. (Excuse the historical terminology — its a primary source from the 1920s)

Downloading PDFs isn’t the issue, as that works. It’s when you’re wanting to capture non-PDF content and get it into DTTG as a PDF. There is no option to convert to PDF in the DTTG share option, and if you print-to-PDF from within the iOS framework, it fails to capture the URL of where the info came form.

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DTTG does download PDFs, but that behaviour is not consistent.

Please check the following PDF at the following link:

That is an example of the PDF file I started the thread with.

Safari detects the file as a PDF

You can even specify the file type you want as PDF, however it still will not be captured. That is the problem I wanted to bring attention to.

I’m not sure that URL actually points to a PDF. It looks more like a link that programmatically determines which file to send to download. If I change the “pdf” to “epub” I get an ePub document downloaded. IOW, it’s not pointing directly to a file. It works in the DT3 Download Manager, tho, so perhaps DTTG needs a Download Manager for items like this?

Perhaps the link programmatically generates a PDF, but that file is a PDF (304 kB).

  • I can copy it to PDF Expert no problem. All the pages, and formatting stays the same in PDF Expert.
  • I can save it Files as a PDF no problem.

Perhaps @BLUEFROG could weigh in…

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… I do have the same problem, and it makes me crazy. The workaround to go over the print option gives Devonthink not the original filename of the pdf…
Workaround should be a way for a short period… but this problem still exists and in this thread no official did a comment…
Please fix this issue for us…

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