Clip To DevonThink

Clip To DevonThink for Firefox may not be working right. I just installed it, then reinstalled it after the problem I’m describing here.

I’ll select an article from thew Internet, select Clip To DevonThink, when the intermediary window opens and where the content should be it is blank. Now I have to select—click & drag—on the articles I want to Clip To Devon to make sure the content comes over to Devon.

I tried doing the same In Safari. Same issue.

What can I do about it?

DevonThink 2.8.11
OS X 10.11.4
Firefox 45.0.1

Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it from … src=search ?

I’ll give it a shot, thanx.

Nope. That didn’t work; same problem.

Please start a Support Ticket and please include any screencaps that may be helpful (as I’m not entirely sure what you’re describing). Thanks.